planning a funeral

Planning a Funeral

 Time is short and emotions are high. Decisions must be made quickly and your family may not know what you want -

  • Deciding on burial or cremation

  • Deciding on an open or closed coffin or casket

  • Selecting a coffin or casket

  • Deciding whether you require a service to be held

  • If so, when and where the service will be held

  • Organising to have the involvement of a specific organisation or club in the service, if required

  • Selecting special readings, poems, music selections, or photo tributes to be part of the service.

  • Choosing clothing for the deceased to be dressed in

  • Organising if there will be refreshments following the service

Without a funeral plan you are leaving your family unprepared.

There is a simple solution that will prevent any stress or disagreements for your family

Let us Help you.

We Suggest you follow these five steps.


Step 1

Call for someone to help. Phone (03) 8689 0062 and our consultant - usually a lady - will visit you. She will listen to your wishes, explain the process and can make any immediate arrangements that are needed.

Step 2

Together, we can plan a suitable funeral, bearing in mind religious or other wishes.

Step 3

Together, we will set a budget for the whole process. Eternity provides a dignified funeral as you would expect - but usually at around half the cost of the big funeral directors.

Step 4

Once you approve, you can relax.

We will take care of the arrangements in line with your wishes, and you can be secure that there will be no hidden costs.

Step 5

The funeral will be held as you wish. We provide a smooth, compassionate service and you will always be in safe hands.​

Immediate Need

We are available by phone

24 hours a day 7 days a week

Tel:  03 8689 0062

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